The Bachelorette Season 12: A Review (Part 7)

Guys, I need to be honest with you. Watching this much reality television might actually be killing me. I find that I now dread the entire week having to write these “Bachelorette” articles. Praise be to the gods, however, that this damn season is almost over. I can almost guarantee I will not be doing this kind of psychological review again. With that being said, let’s get this damn thing over with.

This is the week that Jojo decides which 4 men make it to the “hometown dates”. Essentially, the semi-finalists who get to introduce Jojo to their families. Jojo, herself has been through this process, where her family basically attacked Ben (“The Bachelor”) for even being on the show.  Tension has been really random against Jordan as well. Robby’s also quickly become my favorite. Let’s see how this week goes!

There’s 6 guys left: Alex, Luke, James, Jordan, Chase and Robby. There’s no more one-on-one date roses, but there will be one available on the group date. Alex gets the one-on-one date! He gets to drive with Jojo to the countryside. Jojo seems to be having trouble getting comfortable with him emotionally, though I’m not entirely sure what she expected on a car drive? After a while, we just hit weird silence between these two. I’m gonna call no bueno, only because it doesn’t seem like a “comfortable” silence. They detour to a gaucho ranch, which is basically an Argentinian cowboy ranch! They meet, Carlos and Oscar, two cute gauchos who are going to show them the ropes!

The rest of the guys are taking a bus to get to the same location, and what do they do? They write a diss-rap about Alex, which I personally find absolutely hilarious and endearing. These kids are adorable. They then stop at a local BBQ highway stop. Jordan proclaims himself a picky eater and says he could be happier. To me, that’s kind of an odd thing to mention, but ok. The guys point out that almost after not getting a rose, Jojo immediately gives Alex a one-on-one, which perhaps might not be a good sign for him.

Back at gaucho camp, they’re riding horses! There’s adorable little doggies who keep running alongside the horses – I’m a HUGE fan! Then the horsies lie on their back and get belly-rubs from the gaucho! This is maybe my favorite one-on-one date yet! Apparently, Jojo’s a huge fan of Alex now too, so that’s a good sign. But she wants “harder conversations” with him, so we still have that coming up.

The rest of the guys finally get to their destination, and it’s where the guys will be staying for the rest of the week!

Jojo and Alex are on their dinner date, and I have a bad feeling, especially considering how optimistic Alex is.

Back at the house, Jordan gets his second one-on-one. Poor James is pretty upset considering he was on the chopping block last night.

Jojo’s asking Alex some really tough stuff and Alex tells her that he thinks that he’s falling in love with her. Jojo doesn’t respond at all, but she says she doesn’t know what to think of it when a closed off guy opens up emotionally. I can’t figure out what the hell this girl wants. She wants people to be open but also she doesn’t know how to feel about it? Op. She just said she doesn’t feel as excited as much as she should feel when Alex opens up to her. She says she can’t see herself getting to a point where she would feel that she’s falling in love with him, and she has to say goodbye to him now. What a twist!

One-on-one time with Jordan and they’re wine-tasting in Mendoza, Argentina! Jojo keeps emphasizing how comfortable she feels with Jordan, which again, makes me feel like something might be up, very soon.

Another date card comes in and Chase, James and Robby are all on the group date, and that means Luke is on the last one-on-one.

Back at the date, my bad feeling is definitely getting worse. They’re at dinner and Jordan says he’s going to tell Jojo “everything she needs to about my family”. He basically tells her that he has a great relationship with his oldest brother Luke and the rest of his family, but he doesn’t have a relationship at all with his brother Aaron. Jojo, as opposed to me, seems to be very happy that he said all of this. And then he drops the bomb and says that he’s in love with Jojo, and has known for a few weeks. Jojo responds very positively, so it seems like he won’t be getting the boot.

Next day, we have the group date! Jojo’s got a cute slumber-party type thing planned and it’s super cute! They’re playing all these cute games and then suddenly, we get to truth-or-dare. Robby’s been dared to streak (with his underwear on) and run through the hallway! He owns it though, so it’s ok! James, on the other hand, is taking the whole date to make up stories about Robby to Jojo to make him look bad. Not cool man.

Robby has his one-on-one time with Jojo, and talks to her about his family and his ex pretty openly. He mentions he only became single 4 months ago after a 3 year relationship, which catches Jojo off guard. But she really appreciates it. Next is Chase, and he says he wants to be open up with her, but he’s just nervous. But he tells her that she wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Last is James, and my bad feeling radar is coming up again. James brings up that he’s a little concerned because he feels like although their relationship is very strong, they’re relationship isn’t as physical it might be with others, to which Jojo responds that he has every quality she would want in a husband or the father of her children. That sounds like good news, but her face doesn’t exactly relay that. James, is over the moon, however, with Jojo and is ready to take her to his family. He tells her that he’s in the process of falling in love with her, and she says that makes her really happy. She doesn’t give him the boot either so that’s maybe a good sign? My money is on Robby for getting the rose. Robby kind of picks a fight with James, over the weirdest thing – the use of the word front-runner. James says he thinks people with one-on-ones are automatically safe and Robby takes real quick offense to that. Unfortunately for James, I actually do think that Robby is the front-runner, but I think James might be out, so I’m not entirely sure how Jojo’s deciding who’s on what date. And Robby’s got the rose! And James is confident either him or Chase is going home.

Time for Luke’s date and they’re at a ranch. Jojo says right of the bat that he’s the “total package” and everytime she’s with him, she feels more and more confident about their relationship. This is a great date for Luke though since he’s from a ranch-lifestyle. I do have to say though, they definitely have a chemistry going on that you definitely don’t see with anyone else. By miles.

The date went so well in fact, that Jojo says she’s confident about tonight’s rose and doesn’t even need a cocktail ceremony. Woah. And the other guys react similarly. One guy has to go home, and as much as I hate it, I’m fairly confident that it’s going to be James. She just doesn’t react to him as positively, which is ridiculous because by her own admission, he’s everything she looks for. The good thing is that he’s very aware of his own situation. And Robby already has a rose.

Rose Ceremony!

First Rose: Luke
Second Rose:  Jordan
Third Rose: Chase

That means James is going home. She walks him out and asks him to sit down for a bit. They talk and it’s very heart-breaking honestly. James says he’s bummed because he always here’s “you’re going to find a great girl” but he doesn’t know when that’s going to be, but it’s not Jojo’s fault at all. She’s still balling her eyes out, which is good to know that the decision wasn’t easy for her.

So, next week is hometowns! It should be interesting!

RB’s Psych Corner

Well, this week was certainly a whopper. I’d have to say what shocked me most was Jojo’s sureness in her decisions. I can’t honestly say she’s making good decisions, but she’s making adequate one’s quickly, which saves everyone a headache. Both Alex and James leaving was expected. Next week, it’s down to Chase, Robby, Jordan and Luke. I have a sneaking suspicion that Chase is going to get knocked out real fast, and something real bad is about to go down with Jordan. I’m fairly confident that Chase will be out next week. As for who is the other one who is out, I’m confident Jordan will actually stay solely based on Jojo’s bad decision making skills. This means it’s between Robby and Luke, (who should be the last 2 out of this group of 4), which will cause Jojo to have some sort of panic attack about how hard this all is, and she’ll eventually make a decision (I’m leaning towards keeping Luke because “he’s the whole package”) and she’ll end up sobbing the entire night. This show has very quickly become predictable.

My central fear is this constant discussion about Jordan not being “totally honest”. It concerns me that he doesn’t have a good relationship with his older brother, as well as the issues with his ex from before. Something just seems off about him. In regards to who “wins” this whole thing, I have a feeling that due to her independence, she picks Jordan, but she may decide that she doesn’t want a proposal at all, and she needs more time to get to know these guys one-on-one before making such a big life decision even though she keeps emphasizing how ready she is for marriage.

Here’s to hoping she proves me wrong and Robby wins the whole thing!

Next article should be out tomorrow so look forward to it!

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