The Bachelorette Season 12: A Review (Part 6)

Ok. We’re very late this week, but that’s ok because life makes you busy. Ok, episode 6!

So, so far we know they’re in Buenos Aires and there’s something shady going on with Jordan. There’s a serious chance he gets eliminated this week.

Episode starts with Jojo talking to Chris and she mentions concerns about being told “I love you” by anyone, forget Robby. Chris mentions the irony if she falls in love with two guys. I would be very upset. There’s going to be a group date, a single date and a two-on-one date this week. Again, that’s a guaranteed elimination.

The single date goes to Wells, which will be his first single date…and also potentially his first kiss with Jojo? The guys are judging him pretty hard. Personally, I find it the sweetest and most endearing! Alex makes the joke to Jojo’s face and it doesn’t go over well at all.

On the date, Welss buys her a bracelet. They keep intermingling commentary from the guys saying how terrible it is that he hasn’t kissed her yet. This is being made a much bigger deal than it needs to be. They go to this show called “Fuerza Bruta” which means “Brute Force” in English. Wells himself is now continuously talking about having to kiss her and somehow gives her a weird peck on the cheek.

Back at the house, the guys are saying their convinced that they’re not going to see Wells again.

And back at the date, he finally kisses her in a dark pool of apparently sexy water! Woo! But Jojo calls him out for kissing her “finally”. The whole situation is very weird, but apparently they’re both very happy with the way it ended. Jojo asks Wells about his last relationship, and he tells her that it was a 4 year long relationship, where they were the same personality but best friends.

Back at the house, the date card is there again. This time, Luke, Robby, Jordan, James and Alex all have a group date. That means a two-on-one between Derek and Chase.

Wells is talking about the things he needs in his perfect person, and he mentions his need for honesty. The date suddenly takes a REALLY bad turn. Wells mentions that he thinks that eventually love in a relationship fades away so you need more than just that initial excitement. Jojo doesn’t seem to like that and mentions that she thinks that “fairytale love” does exist and everyone deserves finding someone who always makes them excited. She mentions to the camera that his skepticism upsets her. Time for the date rose, and she actually doesn’t give him the rose! HOLY HELL. That means he’s going home, which is pretty sad.

The next day, we’re on the group date! They’re walking around the time and James is having some confidence issues for sure. He’s comparing his looks, personality, how little he stands out, how cool they are, etc. I don’t see these insecurities boding well for him.

They’re at dinner now and she has her one-on-ones. First up is Luke and she’s obviously VERY cozy with him, initiating kissing and everything. Honestly, it looks like she’s ready to jump him, which is very weird for me to be watching. That being said, he gives me a very creepy vibe, and I’m not entirely sure why. Jojo, however, is clearly VERY enamored. She says they have a very “passionate relationship”.

Back at the hotel, it’s just Derek and Chase and Chase is very confident he’s staying for weeks to come. That being said, he definitely did NOT like how confident Derek was about staying.

Now we’re at James’ one-on-one, and Jojo mentions James seems off. He mentions he’s very nervous, just in general, but he has issues with Jordan. That’s unexpected. Apparently he’s been showing a lot of attitude and comes off as entitled and that didn’t sit well with James. However, Jojo really appreciates James going out of his way to tell her.

Jojo grabs Jordan and asks him about the situation with James. Jordan doesn’t seem to happy with this being brought up at all, and even asks how the situation came up. The entire time, he’s laughing off the situation. He mentions off the bat that James is one of his best friends in the house and he seems somewhat confused by the situation. But he keeps repeating that he’s not entitled, he was just right. I personally don’t actually know how to take that. But I can see this not going a good way. In his private interview, he essentially calls James pathetic for calling out his integrity.

The guys are all sitting together without Jojo and there’s a very creepy and unnerving vibe as soon as Jordan enters the room. Jordan seems to want to have it out with James right away about what he said to Jojo. And then he does call James pathetic to his face. Well then. And the group rose goes to…my money’s on Luke. Just because of her weird attraction to him. And it goes to… Luke! Woo! Yay for guessing! Boo for creepiness.

Next day is the two-on-one. Derek is REALLY confident, and I’m not entirely sure why to be honest. They do a tango, and nothing really significant happens. Chase is starting to get in his own head about how close he and Derek might be though and he’s pulling back, as opposed to Derek getting more and more open. Chase has his one-on-one and he’s not doing well it seems. Jojo complains that after how open she was with him the week before, she feels like he didn’t give her anything back. Chase is completely taken aback, and tries to tell her he wants to give her all the things she wants, but she mentions that he simply hasn’t. Jojo says that it seems like she likes him more than he likes her. That’s definitely not a good sign. However, he manages to open up a little at the last minute and it seems to make Jojo feel better. I have no idea what’s gonna happen but my money is on Chase going out. And I was wrong! Chase gets the rose and Derek is out. In a private interview later, Derek is taking it really hard, he talks about how he’s imperfect and doesn’t understand why he’s crying. It’s actually very heartbreaking but Jojo is confident she made the right decision.

In the pre-rose ceremony interview, Jojo is talking about how she isn’t confident about who she wants to send home at all. There are only 3 roses and 4 guys. So one guy goes home tonight. Luke and Chase already have roses. That means it’s between Alex, Robby, Jordan and James. Personally, my money is on Alex, just because we haven’t seen a lot from him this week. But I really don’t know. It could just as easily be James. At the cocktail party, Jordan swoops Jojo right up to talk to her about the James situation. She feels very confident about them now, which is good for him.

Rose Ceremony!

First Rose: Robby
Second Rose: Jordan

Right as she’s about to give out the third rose, she apologizes and runs out. What??? She says that she just can’t hand out the rose, and then Chris takes the rose away. She walks back in and Chris brings back TWO roses!

Third Rose: Alex
Fourth Rose: James

Well that’s a twist! As grateful as James is to still be here, Alex seems upset that he wasn’t the clear favorite. It seems like he might take issue with this going forward.


RB’s Psych Corner

There isn’t too much to analyze this week. I have an incredibly bad and creepy feeling about Alex and Luke but I can’t pin my finger on it. Luke seems deceptive and Alex seems possessive. Neither is a good sign. Chase is fine but there’s nothing too exciting about him. And Jordan might stay, but some supposedly true colors might also come out. Personally, I love Robby and James the best. They seem like genuinely kind hearted people and they are both genuinely funny, not douchey people, which is something incredibly important to stress with Jojo, it seems. I’m putting my money on either Chase or Alex leaving next week. I assume Alex is going to get a one-on-one, and it’ll go great, but Jojo just won’t go through with the rose and Alex is going to be left very angry. He seems somewhat explosive and confrontational, almost like a mini-Chad. Thankfully, we haven’t seen any more of that dude. Other than that, Jojo clearly has some insecurities and if she doesn’t get past them, she isn’t going to make good choices going forward. I feel the same can be said of James. If the dude doesn’t get some self-confidence real fast, he’s going to get eliminated, real fast.

That’s all! See you guys next week!

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