The Bachelorette Season 12: A Review (Part 4)

Day 2! Predictions for the day: I expect lots of nonsense, and Chad to get kicked out in some dramatic fashion. Let’s go!

So, Chad walks back into the house. If you remember, he’s supposed to apologize. He saunters in saying that he just wants everyone to be chill and he doesn’t have any problems with anyone. Evan says that’s not really any apology and he still needs a new shirt, to which Chad retorts that Evan tried to push him over. Wells pips up saying that the real issue here is that everyone feels uneasy, and Chad just keeps reiterating that they just need to all stop bothering him.

Jojo swings by the house and the pool party begins! The boys all do a PERFECT swan dive into the pool for Jojo and poor Evan comes out with a bloody nose! Hilariously, everyone immediately starts joking that Chad must be at fault. Jojo and Jordan and sneak off to make out. These two are a perfect couple. They really bond well together and they’re obviously really into each other.

Back to the festivities, Jojo mentions that “Even Chad seems to be having a good time.” That wording by itself is very indicative that Jojo obviously doesn’t have a very positive impression of him. She’s not very keen on touching him like she seems with the other guys, and she tells him straight up she was mad with him on the group date for attacking Evan. His argument is “We’re total opposites…It’s like trying to figure out what you want for cream or steak?” ….Terrible argument. This dude could use some time in a debate club. Evan comes over, however, and cuts their time short. Chad (again) is very upset that he got cut out, cause he’s never done that.

Everyone in their alone time is talking bad stuff about Chad. Derek even tells her that he moved rooms, while Chad is WATCHING THE CONVERSATION FROM BEHIND THE BUSHES. WHAT DUDE? How stalkerish can you get?? He notices Chad, and kisses Jojo right in front of her. HA. Good job bud. So, he gets upset and sulks away, refusing to talk to anyone. He calls Derek out to the foyer, and wants to confront him. He tells Derek “I don’t know who like me stole your girlfriend, but I’m not him.” Derek very pointedly remarks that the REASON they all have issues with Chad is because he starts off his sentences like that and attacking the guys. Dude should have his own psych corner!

Rose ceremony time! My guess is Ali, Christian and Chad, are out this week (I can only pray).

First Rose: Grant
Second Rose: Derek
Third Rose: Jordan
Fourth Rose: Luke
Fifth Rose: Robby
Sixth Rose: Wells
Seventh Rose: James F.
Eighth Rose: Vinny
Ninth Rose: Daniel
Tenth Rose: Alex
Eleventh Rose: Chad

WELL DAMN IT. COME ON DUDE. This means that Ali, Christian and Nick B. are all out. Poor Nick is actually crushed.

And Jojo drops a surprise – they’re going to a different location for the rest of the season! They’re in…Pennsylvania? I suppose that’s pretty far from LA, and pretty relaxing! That should be good!

Side note: the more I look, the more Jordan and Derek look like long-lost twins.

Luke gets the one on one date. And they go dog sledding! Complete with a cozy blanket and cuddles! They then move into a wood-fire-hot tub. She mentions again how she’s worried that things with Luke might be too good to be true. She for sure is psyching herself out.

Back at the house, the guys are predicting a two-on-one date. Alex mentions that the only thing worse than a two-on-one is a two-on-one with Chad.

Speaking of Chad, he mentions that the other guys need to not “poke the Chad-bear” and that he won’t “start things but he’ll definitely end them”…

Derek, James T., Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James F., Evan, Grant, Jordan, and Robby all get a group date. That means that Alex and Chad have a potential two-on-one. Poor Alex. And Alex mentions that he’s going to send Chad home. Jordan says sending Chad home is “for America”.

Dinner with Jojo and Luke is going great with Jojo using the word “sexy” about 15 times for Luke. I think she has some practiced lines as she’s used the same lines on most of the guys. Luke opens up about what it was like to be a platoon leader and Lieutenant in the army. His childhood friend Jason died on the battlefield and it seems like Luke’s having a real moment here – no producers involvement here! And apparently that comes across to Jojo and she gives him a rose. They move onto a theater where they get serenaded by a group called “Dan + Shay”.

Next day, it’s the group date! And they’re at a football stadium with Ben Roethlisberger! It’s one of those physical competition tests again. James T. ends up with a bloody eye, but shakes it off. What a trooper!

At the house, Chad’s starting a fight, no surprise. That’s about all I’m going to say on it.

Back at the stadium, Evan has a bloody nose again and he’s become the butt of every joke. He’s taking it in great stride though.

Alone time’s up and Robby’s first. They make out on a pool table. Super cliche, but thats basically the rest of their time together. All the other guys are up and then Jordan is having issues with her. She says that he still makes her nervous and that she can’t read him. This can’t be a good sign for my favorite pick.

So now Jojo has to pick someone to give the rose to. It’s Jordan! I got proved wrong so fast!

Time for the two-on-one! But before we get there, turns out Grant has a problem with Chad too. So after asking the stupid question of who there has a problem with him, Chad finds out everyone has a problem with him (shocker). So he decides he doesn’t want anyone to talk to him anymore. Alex mentions that they’re polar opposites, and Chad starts calling him a “whiny little bitch” to which Alex responds that  Chad is the “most insecure person I’ve ever met”. Alex points out that Chad has burned all his bridges as everyone in the world can see Chad on tv and see what he’s really like. Chad then challenges everyone to go outside. Good Lord.

The day for the date is finally here! Evan’s the only one thinking that Chad might be able to trick Jojo into letting him stay. While the rest of the guys are having a conversation, Chad’s weirdly eavesdropping again, and when they ask him to join, he once again picks a fight with Jordan. This time Chad starts on a rant about how when the show ends, he’s going to go out of his way to find Jordan’s house and beat him up. And that Jordan should be afraid of Chad. This guy would be in jail in a second in real life.

Jojo starts off saying she’s very nervous about the whole day because she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Chad. They’re taking a hike today, so things could get interesting being that far out in the wilderness. Chad is spouting nonsense about how he’s doing the best in the house again. The three of them are just sitting talking, and things are SUPER awkward. So Jojo asks to spend some time alone with Alex. So he tells Jojo what’s going on with Chad in more detail. Hopefully that’s the push she needs. She talks to Chad now, and he basically admits that he’s threatening everyone but it’s their fault and he’s not doing anything wrong. Jojo is pretty upset and says she needs some alone time to think. TAKE HIM DOWN GIRLIE. After she leaves, Chad throws his cup into the river. At the very least, once he’s out of the show, we’ll miss these golden moments.

Jojo’s having doubts, but she says maybe he’s just having a hard time because of his past life experiences. At this point, Chad’s talking to the camera saying that he’s told Alex a million times to mind his own business, but at this point he “has no option left”. I’m genuinely scared for Alex’s life right now. I’m having actual anxiety and Chad’s serial murderer whistling through the woods isn’t helping.

He gets back to Alex and tells Alex he’s not “very happy with him”.  “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed..It’s just unfortunate that I can’t beat you up without getting in trouble.”

Jodi’s back from her alone-time walk, and she’s got a decision for sure. I’m betting she keeps Alex. I hope to god she’s not so dumb as to keep Chad. She point blank asks him if he’s threatened people in the house, which he DOESN’T EVEN DENY OR APOLOGIZE FOR. TAKE HIM JOJO. YES. SHE TOOK HIM DOWN. She laid it DOWN on him. And gives Alex the rose. Chad’s clearly unhappy. I’m not sure if he’s going to do something drastic though…

The guys in the house see Chad’s backpack being taken away, and they all start cheering. There’s confetti and drinks and basically a party happening.

Alone time with Chad and Jojo and Chad says he’s now going to “have to go find Alex”. Chad comes back to the house and the guys are SUPER confused (as would I be). Again, I’m concerned for everyone’s safety.

To be continued…

RB’s Psych Corner

Jordan’s my vote for winning this whole thing. Very clear to me that they both like each other more than they expected and are trying to stifle the feelings. It’s obvious that both of them have been hurt badly in the past (Jojo’s we witnessed on national television), and because of that, they’re both scared to open up to each other. However, Jojo’s still a little immature in thinking that although she isn’t really wanting to open up, all the guys should open up to her. Hopefully, she doesn’t act on those feelings. Derek’s coming up pretty hot as well, and I have a lot of faith in Alex and Evan. With Chad, she’s probably fighting herself to see the good in him. It seems like she’s the kind of girl who likes to “fix guys”. Hence her attraction to the bad boy type. She seems to be the type who spurns the good guys for this reason, and keeps telling herself that someone is good “deep down”. People, I’m gonna tell you right now. If you see even ONE red flag in a person, that is a very good reason to stop talking to that person. You have to have enough respect as an individual to respect YOUR time and know that you are a person of value. You, as a human being, deserve to be loved by someone amazing. If you are convincing either yourself or the other party of reasons that you should be together, there’s something wrong there. Especially, when the person is a crazy, violent, meat-head. She seems to have enough self-awareness to know that all of this is bad for her however, hence why she let Chad go. Problem being, the dude is crazy and the producers should’ve 1. had better security measures and 2. kicked him off the show WAY earlier.

We’ll see what happens next week, but I’ll be anxious for everyone’s safety the whole time! See you ten!

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