Seals – I don’t have an interesting title on this one…

Hi everyone! Its been a while since I’ve written anything, sorry about that. Busy with college and what not. But I’m on break now, and i’d like to take a moment to discuss something no one most likely thought i would discuss – Seals. Specifically, animals that ARE NOT endangered! I know! Crazy stuff!!
At any rate, the specific category of seal i’ll be discussing is the California Sea Lion, or Zalophus californianus. So to clear up the confusion, what’s the difference between a seal and a sea lion? A sea lion is a seal but a seal is not a sea lion. Yup, nice and simple haha.

These little guys are rated as “Least Concern” by the IUCN, and if anything, theres actually an overpopulation problem. They live along the Western coast of North America, most abundantly found in – you guessed it – California! Although they are considered a tourist attraction by some cities, they’re generally considered pests, which breaks my heart considering the new found obsession i have with them. Recently, seal hunting has actually started up again. A huge reason for this, other than their inconvenience to fisherman and what not, is that part of their diet is actually an endangered salmon. And because their population levels are so high, there is a serious threat to these salmon. An interesting fact though: this breed of seal is one of the only few mammals whose milk does not contain lactose! Isn’t that fascinating?! Probably the bio-major in me coming out again. Furthermore, this species of sea lion is what is typically associated with “circus” seals.

So, i really just wanted to rant about my love of seals and there really isn’t a final message here. Obviously, they’re not endangered…but don’t go around shooting them either, ok? 🙂

Female Sea Lion Balancing a Ball

California Sea Lion pup

Sea Lion Swimming

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