The Devil Worshipers of Pokemon

Hi all! So as i was browsing the wonderful world of facebook, i stumbled upon an article my friend had posted.

So as i was reading this article, at first i thought this man was going to make some valid points about how children can be overly obsessed with popular artifacts today, and how parents should learn to not give their children everything they want immediately. But as i continued to read, i realized that this man was in fact a pure religious idiot, stating that Pokemon was actually Satan’s game, and that it incites children to abuse others, beat kids up, and run away from home. The example he specifically cites is that of his 4 year old grandson. Because 4-year-old boys have never in the history of man bit their sisters, or enjoys violence of any sort. Of course, today’s increasing violence in media is to slightly blame for this, but one CAN NOT blame the tantrums and attitudes of little children on a CARD game!

Afterwards, this ridiculous even manages to classify Sailor Moon and Star Wars as part of the occult! Although a stretch, i can somewhat see how the game Magic may be misconstrued as this, but a show where the heroine tries to actually GET RID of evil!!! And i don’t even see where the Star Wars point could possibly go other than in the belief of aliens, which I’m inclined to believe HAVE TO exist somewhere in this wide expanse of the universe!
He even raises the “concern” of children “carry[ing] their favorite monsters like magical charms or fetishes in their pockets, trusting them to bring power in times of need…”. Yes, a child being able to carry a pack of cards in their pocket as a form of entertainment absolutely qualifies as depending on a magical charm and chanting spells to grant good luck on a test or receiving a board position. I wonder if he ever considered that while children ARE impressionable, they are NOT stupid! Which raises my next point!

The highlight of the article was when this genius of a man was seriously concerned about children playing a card and then raising a stick in the air saying “I summon you!” is actually a form of possession, and children believe that the “spirits” of these cards ENTER them! Also, did i mention we live in the medieval times and that the black plague and small pox are still running rampant? Oh! And we can’t forget that the US is actually not a country but a territory of the the largest empire in the world – Great Britain. Oh, wait, none of that is true! It ONCE was, much like people ONCE believed that possession was a common place incident. Fortunately for mankind, we’ve evolved past that and are now past these ridiculous beliefs. And if anything with “cult-like” properties, like childrens’ television shows, like Spongebob and Dora the Explorer (though i wouldn’t actually mind getting rid of either one of these), should be banned, hell! – why don’t we just ban TV? Because EVERY show has SOME viewership following! That’s Satan calling out to us right there!

Do you know what we as American citizens should do? We should IMMEDIATELY follow the advice of intelligent people like this, and let the world fall to hell. Don’t YOU think that’s a good idea? Honestly, people NEED to learn that there is no harm in letting your child have fun in these things, though everything should be done in moderation. Not EVERYTHING can and SHOULD be related to religion! Speaking from personal experience, if one lets religion dictate every emotion, action, and thought they feel, why we are no more than shells of the humans i’m sure God intended us to be. If God created man, I’m sure his purpose, as a supreme being/creator, was NOT for us to worship him for 10 hours a day (like my religion states (and i DEEPLY disagree with)), but to instead live out our lives in the best and healthiest way possible and to enjoy our lives! And if there IS no God, no heaven or hell, and no satan unlike the genius above is stating, then would all this religion really do us any good since we would simply be dead. The ONE life that we had would have been wasted on something that never even existed.

At any rate, if you have any comments or anything else, please feel free to leave them and let me know your thoughts on this atrocity of an article! Thanks for reading! 😀

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