200 – the movie!

I know, i’m being chessy with the puns again, but i wanted to thank everyone for all there support for this blog! Today, we have hit TWO-HUNDRED hits, which for me, is a very big accomplishment! 😀 So thank you everyone and look forward to the next article ;D

And remember! If you have ANY concerns, comments, suggestions, or anything else, PLEASE feel free to contact me! Thank you!

About RB

Hello all! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm an incredibly opinionated, college graduate, navigating my way through the real world. Although I firmly believe that the opinion of one, represents the opinion of many, that is no guarantee I'm not going to offend anyone. More often than not, I'm probably going to offend most people. However, I take pride in being open-minded and loving discourse, so if you have an alternative (non-bigoted and intellectually based) opinion, I would love to hear it! The comment section is always available for that reason! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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