What’s Black and Red all over?: The Red-Tailed Black Shark

Hello everyone! So i know i haven’t done this segment in a while, and i apologize for it. While i’m at it, i’d also like to apologize for the corny joke in the title, but i just couldn’t help myself!

At any rate, today, we bring you the Red-tailed Black Shark which has been extinct in the wild since 1996, so not that long ago! Although it is called a shark, the Red-tailed Black Shark is actually a relative of the minnow or carp, freshwater fish. This little guy was indigenous to the beautiful nation of Thailand, but it is suspected that after a long period of river construction (like dams), the fish was killed off. Today, the aquarium bred fish have either orange or red tails, and oddly enough, is an excellent jumper, liable to jump out of its aquarium. Occasionally, these fish can be territorial with members of their own species and will sometimes fight to the death, though other species of fish do not bother it so much.

Unfortunately, much like plants, fish don’t seem to raise much of a conservation effort. However, as you may already know, i feel that all creatures have the right to live on this beautiful planet of ours, WITHOUT any threat of humans! Therefore, i encourage all of you to do whatever you can to save this fish! You can contact the IUCN or the International Union for Conservation of Nature to ask them to help out at: mail@iucn.org
Their website is:


where you can learn about a lot of conservation efforts! Thanks guys!

Red-tailed Black Shark


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