The Bachelorette Season 12: A Review (Part 10)

Hi All! Let’s jump straight into it. This week is the “Men Tell All” episode! Predictions: Chad shows up and somehow starts a fight with everyone! Let’s continue.

Chris starts the show off with Chad is here, and a quip about how security is too. The entire beginning of the show is basically just a giant advertisement for “The Bachelor” franchise. There was a lot of time spent promoting “Bachelor in Paradise”. Moving forward, the guys all get introduced, with the exception of Chad, who Chris says will be brought out later.

They focus a bit on the heat between Derek and Alex throughout the season. Alex regularly called Derek manipulative. Nick B. (St. Nick) however, steps in and defends Derek saying that Alex is manipulative and argumentative. Wells points out that Alex is a War hero, and since he’s spent most of his time in conflict, he probably feels most comfortable with it. The guys point out that Alex put more energy into taking down Chad than he did Jojo. Frankly, this whole nonsense is going to take up 100 pages if I write it all, so let’s just stick with key points.

Chad finally comes out, with a security guard. Chad calls the guys fake. We find out that Chad has actually gone out of his way to date Grant’s ex and Robby’s ex! Wow. Apparently, he seeked them out to specifically find out if the guys left them for the show, they said yes, and he has had intimate relationships with both. Wow dude. Wow. And then, out of nowhere, Nick B. tries to get into a fight with Chad? Not sure why. The only thing Chad keeps doing throughout all his interactions with the guys is cracking jokes about them and being generally intolerable. He even goes so far as to say that Robby has threatened his ex that if she does any interviews that he’s “going to come and get her” which the rest of the guys immediately call BS on. Chris asks Chad if there’s anything he regrets doing, and Chad, obviously, says no. Apparently, his mom would have thought everything he did on the show would have been funny.

Chris announces that both Chad and Luke will both be on Bachelor in Paradise. And time for Luke to come up! He says that he still loves her, but he just wants her to be happy. He mentions that Jojo taught him to love again and open up, but to have that and then having it end so suddenly gave him a lot of panic attacks afterwards.

Next up, Chase! He says he’s still in love with her, but confused as to why she offered him the fantasy suite if she didn’t want to be with him. That question will be answered when Jojo comes up! Can you see how they drag this on?

Jojo’s in the hot seat now! Luke asks Jojo if he had said I love you earlier, would it have made a difference? Jojo says that on the last date, he just wouldn’t say the word love, and that really bothered her, but once he said I love you, she felt maybe he was saying it forced and she just felt she had to stick with her gut. Chase goes up to give Jojo a hug, but then asks her his burning question. Jojo says she just felt anxious about hearing I love you from him, and there’s nothing scary about the words but that’s when she realized what she was feeling, and that she still feels guilty over it. James Taylor has his turn, and uses the time to tell her that she’s the whole package. Chad interjects here, and uses the opportunity to call out Robby for breaking up with his girlfriend for the show and to call Jordan a liar and cheater, but “wishes her the best”. The crowd starts cheering for her to go off on him, but she tells them that he loves the attention and she’s not even worth her breath.

Now the guys have the floor to say whatever they want to say to her. Alex wants to tell Jojo that even though it hurt, he’s glad she had the ability to be so strong in all her decisions. Vinny says that it sucks, that she canceled the cocktail party his last night, because he would have looked forward to some alone time with her. THEN, his mother pops up from the audience and tells Jojo that if she wanted a perfect guy, she missed him!

After that, they showed some bloopers from the show, and we’re onto next week, “The Final Rose!”

RB’s Psych Corner

I have to say that there isn’t much here other than either Chad is crazier than I thought he was, or these executive producers are really invested. Regardless, I’m glad this nonsense is almost over because I’m confident she’s going to make the wrong decision.

Onto next week, a three hour special, which I’ll put all into one article!

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