Hello all! It’s been a while! As usual, I’ve been seriously neglecting my audience. As such, I wanted to update everyone on what’s new, as well as future changes (potentially) coming!

First and foremost, looking back at my previous work, I’m utterly ashamed of the quality (as any writer can attest to having felt at some point). However, this self-criticism has brought some interesting points to my attention. The first is probably the most important – the lack of listed sources. As such, moving forward, if it is not an opinion piece, there will be a list of sources at the bottom of the article. In these sources, I will try my absolute best to not only NOT use any Wikipedia articles, but also to include at least 1 book source. Fun fact however – your favorite blogger is actually a boss researcher so this shouldn’t actually increase time between articles (the average being 4 years). So you all will have some fun new places to go to for additional information!

The second point, is that we’re going to be changing up the format of the site up a little bit. First off, we have a new email! If you have any requests for a topic that you either want my opinion on or that you would like me to research, because you don’t want to, you’ll be able to do that by sending me a message on WordPress! WordPress has changed some of their own formatting so I’ve also added a contact section on the left side, where you can find our new email, plus some other fun things! This brings me to point three. If we start getting enough requests and audience participation, I will be setting up a Facebook page (and I might even consider jumping on the Twitter train) for the site, to keep you readers engaged and with constant streams of new information!

Additionally, we’re also adding three new sections – Medicine, Science and an advice column! That’s right! As a bio major, I’m not sure why I’ve never officially set these up, but you can see scientific leanings in a lot of the already published articles. So these future articles are not only going to focus on new information coming up in the science and medicine fields, but also focus on mental and personal health! And yes, a lot of this will be controversial. That’s basically my whole life, so you’ll just have to deal with it. As for the advice column, I’m an expert advice giver, and I figured why not capitalize on these talents! So if anyone needs any advice, I’ll be offering it free of charge! A big part of this will be anonymity. It is my personal guarantee to those writing in that your name will never be mentioned. So moving on, what will be happening once people start writing in is that I’ll be posting the question, along with my advice and my background and reasoning for my answer (this will definitely carry over to the update I make in the next paragraph and will make responding much easier!) Until then, what I’ll be doing is the same as usual, and just giving my opinion when it’s unasked for~ But actually, I’ll be posing some general life issues people face and give very general advice on that.

And finally, and perhaps most exciting is the last bit of news – I’m (hopefully) starting a podcast! Sharing the title with the site, this podcast is just going to be a verbalization of what I already write about, but with more in-depth information. We’re already in the process of recording. Here’s the (bad?) news – I’m not going to start releasing episodes until I have at least 5 recorded. The reason for this is simply that my follow through with this site has always been a problem, and I’m going to make sure I’m dedicated to all of these new changes, before I have an undertaking like that.

Now a lot of you may be asking where all of this is coming from. Well frankly, I’ve been through some major life changes in the last year. I’ve really come full circle, and I’m making a dedication to going back to the things that I love. A big thing I’ve started doing lately is listening to podcasts. This activity has really brought about a lot of peace of mind for me, and in an increasingly hectic world, people don’t really have time to read (myself being no exception). So that’s where the podcast idea is coming from. For all of those individuals that love learning as much as I do, but spend 90% of their time driving or working with barely a moment to scratch their head, this will be the alternative. Eventually what will happen is that every article will be available in audio and visual format, so the audience can take their pick! There will also be show notes available on the site!

So just to recap: new writing style, taking audience requests, potentially new accounts and expanding brand, new sections, and a podcast (probably)!

So that’s about all I have in terms of updates! I know it’s a lot and hopefully I’m not teasing you guys again! We already have several great articles lined up and ready to come out, so I hope you guys are looking forward to that!

Otherwise, I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to send me your messages, whether they be for requests, advice, or just general comments!

~Ruchi Kaur Bal

About RB

Hello all! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm an incredibly opinionated, college graduate, navigating my way through the real world. Although I firmly believe that the opinion of one, represents the opinion of many, that is no guarantee I'm not going to offend anyone. More often than not, I'm probably going to offend most people. However, I take pride in being open-minded and loving discourse, so if you have an alternative (non-bigoted and intellectually based) opinion, I would love to hear it! The comment section is always available for that reason! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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