History’s Mysteries: The Romanov Mystery

While watching the old Anastasia movie with my best friend today, we stumbled upon the numerous conspiracy theories, Anastasia impersonators, and of course, Rasputin stories. After my interest was OFFICIALLY peaked, i began intensive research into the Romanov history. Now although i have always known that most conspiracy theories are bologna, this one seems legitimate. Being the history buff that i am, i knew that it was not actually Anastasia who was suspected to be alive, but her sister Maria (depending on which source you’re going to listen to). What i didn’t know was that their brother, Alexei, also had a missing body. When i looked at the MULTIPLE stories of Romanov children impersonators (which were always Maria and Anastasia, Maria and Alexei, Anastasia and Alexei or just one of them by themselves conveniently enough), i started to notice that the stories almost ALWAYS revolved around these 3 children. Though i was easily able to discount several of the impersonators, such as Anna Anderson, and other women who claimed to be Anastasia, some of the stories gave me serious doubts about the validity of the “DNA testing” done on a few of the bodies found at the mass grave near where the Romanov family was imprisoned. Firstly, it is still in debate whether it was Anastasia or Maria’s body found next to Alexei’s (away from the rest of the family), even AFTER several DNA tests. Furthermore, even though there are conflicting accounts, there is no way anyone other than the guards there could have known that those 3 were the last 3 to “die” in their family. There are even reports that as their bodies were being carried away, that Anastasia and Maria woke up screaming (though they were brutally murdered again). This brings the question to light as why ONLY Anastasia, Maria and Alexei have stories about their survival, as opposed to their sisters Tatiana and Olga. Why did neither have even ONE story of their survival. Furthermore, there are several accounts of people helping a “young boy and girl [who appears to have been his sister] escape.” There are accounts of a soldier helping Anastasia escape, another one where Anastasia is caught at a train station and executed and another yet where Anastasia and Maria run away to a convent in the Ural Mountain until they died.

I have picked the people who, if anyone’s story is true, i believe theirs is. The first is for Anastasia. If anyone is Anastasia (and its not the nun in the Ural Mountains) then i believe it to be Eleonora Albertova Krüger, who in fact insisted she was not royalty, but many things pointed to her being royalty, along with her brother “George”, such as the fact that she had a dog named Maron, not a normal name for the Polish she claimed to be though she was originally registered as a Russian; Maron being an anagram for Roman for Romanov. Not only did she and her brother both have an uncanny resemblance to Anastasia and Alexei, but she was also fluent in multiple languages and told her students stories of beautiful palaces she had lived in. George and Nora also refused to admit they were siblings, even though he seemed to come to meet her out of the blue. Furthermore, he had tuberculosis, which can apparently have symptoms similar to that of hemophilia. For me, Suzanna Catharina de Graaff, was discredited by the mere fact that Anna Anderson, a known psychotic woman, identified her as her sister. Though somewhat unfair to make this judgment, it stands (plus her arguments didn’t even make sense).

If George is not Alexei, then i am convinced it would have had to have been Eugene Nicolaievich Ivanoff, who had such similarities to Alexei, that it would have been almost impossible to replicate (such as he knew how to sew as well as was fluent in several languages and of Russian descent). He was also a hemophiliac.

For Tatiana we have Larissa Feodorovna Tudor, who herself never claimed to be of royal descent but had an unexpected amount of wealth upon her death (possibly from the diamonds sewn into her dress upon escape?), and her conflicting information (like what age she actually was at her death (27, 28, or 29)), and the fact that there was actually no immigrant with her name who entered the country (was she snuck in? that would make sense). She also had an uncanny resemblance to the Grand Duchess.

Finally, for Olga we have Marga Boodts, we have simply because at least 5 relatives identified her undeniably as Olga and even gave her financial aid and housed her. I hold family recognition at the highest level which fuels most of my argument for her. Unfortunately, one of her supporters was also a strong supporter of Anderson, which slightly discredits her but not enough with all her other supporters.

With Maria there didn’t seem to be any credible impostors, though i’m sure there are several unknown and credible ones.

In conclusion, although the bodies of all the Romanovs’ were found, there has been doubt for almost 100 years that they really died, and with all these rumors that sprouted up simultaneously and without anyone having been able to know that there were TWO bodies missing, it seems possible that some of the Romanovs did manage to escape. In fact, my own theory is that whatever siblings escaped, their bodies were replaced with a close relative of theirs, which would have tested out with DNA. With Alexei, they may have pronounced that it was him simply on the fact that the DNA was similar and that they knew the remains were of a boy of approximately 12-15 years old (not enough proof if you ask me). Until each of these individuals DNA is tested against Romanov blood, i personally, will never been 100% sure if there are any remaining Romanovs.

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2 responses to “History’s Mysteries: The Romanov Mystery”

  1. annaandersonrevisited says :

    In 2007 they did not find two bodies! A body is complete skeleton or at least somewhat of skeleton. Tin 2007 they only found 44 bone fragments and they tested the fragments which ended up matching the DNA of the Romanov’s. The scientist cannot jump to conclusion saying that they found Alexei and Anastasia. That is not enough evidence on the table. The 44 bone fragments 99% can only belong to either of the Grand Duchesses or Nicholas or Alexandra. The bodies were chopped up and the 44 bone are the missing fragments of the Romanov Bodies that are laying in the Russian Orthodox church.


  2. Pepper Provasnik says :

    At no point have the remains of what was supposedly the Romanovs ever been interred at the church. In fact they have pointedly insisted the remains will never be accepted. Knowing, as a russian American person myself, how superstitious we slavic tend to be at times, and applying an Occam’s Razor theory of deduction, doesn’t that bit of important info lend a very possible clue? That they, the Church, an ancient holy place that houses royal remains, would disallow what could be their tzar’s own family to rest in peace ? Under the Canon Law, they are not obligated to reveal a Catholic’s confession by the way, like a physicians confidentiality law….knowing this, what is not said in this story is to me at least, quite a confession or clue/s as to what occurred. I feel the author of this blog is one of the few people who has assembled a very accurate account as to what happened to the royals.


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