Gays: It really IS that simple

What i don’t understand is that in this day and age, how people can still be so close-minded to deny ANY person rights, that are inclusive to everyone in america. We claim that there is a separation of church and state, yet every where you look, and controversial topic is immediately justified by some ridiculous bible quote! I’m not at all saying that every religion shouldn’t be respected, but for a society that prides itself on not being religiously based, like Iraq or Iran, we sure use Christianity for the basis of many of our arguments. The “should gays have the right to marry” question has been around for a while, but now a completely ridiculous argument has popped up! – should the “don’t ask don’t tell” rule be repealed. That rule should have never been in existence and here they are asking whether gays should be allowed to serve our country? What on earth makes anyone think that gays or lesbians, or even bisexuals are anything less than us? Are they for some reason sub-human; are they below of us because God made them one way and not another? That’s right, if you can use religion as a basis then why can’t i? If God made every living thing the way they are, the way the creationists, or any other religious believer believes, and he made them that way for a purpose, and ALL creatures are God’s creatures, then why should there be any prejudice at all? And above all, WHY have GAYS always been the target of unfair prejudice? The Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks pursued homosexual tendencies, yet nobody says that the Greek or Roman Empires DESERVED to be destroyed. In fact, every man was allowed to take part in the Senate. If you ask me, it seems that over the last 2,000 years, man has become LESS understanding and MORE prejudice, NOT the other way around. Personally, i find that an embarrassment to the human race in general, that instead of PROGRESSING, we have REGRESSED over the last couple of millennium. Essentially, to me it is OBVIOUS that gays should not only be allowed to serve in the army if they so choose (God knows we need as many recruits as we can get these days), but they should also have the freedom to choose who they want to marry, and get the EXACT same rights as ANY other free American citizen.

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Hello all! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm an incredibly opinionated, college graduate, navigating my way through the real world. Although I firmly believe that the opinion of one, represents the opinion of many, that is no guarantee I'm not going to offend anyone. More often than not, I'm probably going to offend most people. However, I take pride in being open-minded and loving discourse, so if you have an alternative (non-bigoted and intellectually based) opinion, I would love to hear it! The comment section is always available for that reason! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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