Tolerance in America: Does it still exist?

Sorry i haven’t written anything in so long, but i was out on vacation. I was gone for a wonderful 2 weeks in spain. I hoped to come back to not too many changes, but lo-and-behold, miss a lot i did. Upon coming back, i learned of the mosque issues running throughout America.
I don’t understand how it is that people can at all deny others religious freedom, ESPECIALLY in the so called “the land of the free”!!!! Forget the issue of New York City, WHY is it an issue ANYWHERE else in the country to build a mosque??? Are Muslims not people? Do they not have rights? What right do we have as fellow human beings to say Islam is not a valid religion? Are we so ignorant and close-minded that we can not realize being terrorists and being a Muslim are two COMPLETELY separate and unrelated things?! The IRA are supposedly known terrorists and are THEY Muslims?! I don’t think so! Yet, they have attacked innocent British and even SPANISH citizens FAR more than any Muslims have!!!! And even IF they were terrorists, would ANY terrorist be idiotic enough to set up a terrorist HQ in a mosque – a KNOWN Muslim center?! If they are, then they can’t be much of a threat can they???
And why is building a mosque in the middle of NYC even an issue? Everyone keeps saying its to “respect the victims” of 9/11, but aren’t the Muslims the BIGGEST victims of 9/11? The entire world for the last 9 years has been CONTINUOUSLY attacking and secluding the world’s Muslim population, for a completely idiotic and completely misunderstood base. If ANYTHING, the entire Muslim population deserves a HUGE apology and should without a doubt be allowed to build a mosque wherever they want, ESPECIALLY in NYC near Ground 0 where WE, as America, should be respecting the biggest victims – the Muslim community.

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2 responses to “Tolerance in America: Does it still exist?”

  1. Ivan says :

    If you say that people should have religious freedom to build places of worship anywhere they want, why isn’t there a Christian church in Iran?


  2. RB says :

    why should america even have to lower its standards to that of Iran? America is a melting pot, that claims religious freedom for all. Iran is essentially a dictatorship which has NEVER claimed religious freedom. People come to America to live the lives they don’t have in Iran. Why should we, as Americans, even be asking something like why aren’t other countries doing the same as America, when America is one of the best and most free countries in the world?


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