Congratulations California! In response to the article i wrote a few days ago about gay rights, and going along with the buzz everyone else has been talking about, i would like to congratulate California on the first CRITICAL step towards homosexual equality – PROP 8 has been REPEALED! I am so proud (now) to call myself a Californian, when finally some part of america has REALIZED that denying homosexuals the right to marry is not only hypocritical, but as aforementioned, is another Christian excuse to not allow gays rights. I for one, am incredibly happy that Prop 8 has been repealed!

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Hello all! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm an incredibly opinionated, college graduate, navigating my way through the real world. Although I firmly believe that the opinion of one, represents the opinion of many, that is no guarantee I'm not going to offend anyone. More often than not, I'm probably going to offend most people. However, I take pride in being open-minded and loving discourse, so if you have an alternative (non-bigoted and intellectually based) opinion, I would love to hear it! The comment section is always available for that reason! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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