Unexpected Updates!

Hello All! So, I have some super exciting, quick news! We’re bringing on a new member to the team! I understand that this might be confusing as I’ve been using the word “we” for god knows how long… but now we will officially be a “we”! Our new author happens to be a very close, personal friend of mine! He’s brilliant and amazing and presents a very different perspective from me! I think this different perspective is actually incredibly important, because although the name of the blog is “The Opinions of a New Age Student”, there’s more than one kind of new age student. Our new Administrator takes a more meditative outlook than I do, which is super important to consider when looking at issues! At least in the beginning, most of his contributions will be in the political commentary spectrum and his first article is coming out hopefully within the week!

With that being said, make sure to stay on the look out, be excited, and make sure to follow us on Twitter @newagestudent and on Tumblr @newagestudent! You can also reach us at opinionsofanewagestudent@gmail.com or comment on the section below!

Otherwise, I’m very excited for this unexpected development and I hope you guys are too!



About RB

Hello all! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I'm an incredibly opinionated, college graduate, navigating my way through the real world. Although I firmly believe that the opinion of one, represents the opinion of many, that is no guarantee I'm not going to offend anyone. More often than not, I'm probably going to offend most people. However, I take pride in being open-minded and loving discourse, so if you have an alternative (non-bigoted and intellectually based) opinion, I would love to hear it! The comment section is always available for that reason! Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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