Prop 19 – Bringer of Good or Advocate of the Devil?

Hi everyone! So i realize that Prop 19 in California didn’t get passed. For all of you out-of-state readers, if i have any, Prop 19 would have legalized marijuana. However, I believe that Prop 19 should have passed. Now don’t get me wrong. I absolutely hate any sort of drug, and even avoid taking Advil when i have to. I am also of the strong opinion that any natural particle, including marijuana (i don’t care if it comes from nature, NOTHING was intended to be smoked, except ham! haha!) cause severe damage to the body. Just because they haven’t found any “conclusive evidence” doesn’t mean much if you ask me. Therefore, i actually think ALL drugs should be 100% banned. But, even after these strong opinions, i voted yes on legalization. Why you ask? Because there is a HUGE problem with the train of thought i had, not morally or physically, but feasibly. MORE people die in the world, not from overdosing on marijuana, but from the drug cartels that kill innocent people, or get in gang wars over, or territory disputes over who gets to sell what drug. In essence, the problem lies with drug cartels. They make HUGE profits off the drug, but end up killing hundreds of people every year. And frankly, it is a waste of time and money for the police to be going after druggies, who aren’t going to change their mind on smoking anything, even if you provide them with the most conclusive evidence in the world. When they start, for the most part, these druggies know what they are getting themselves into. So why do it? It is of my opinion that they simply have a “parent complex.” In other words, when your parents tell you VERY specifically NOT to do something, you want to do that thing EVEN more! Likewise, BECAUSE the drug is illegal, these smokers want the drug even more! Where’s my evidence you may be asking? A few years back, Switzerland lifted their ban on marijuana, and do you know what happened? The rate of users went down some 16%, practically making the usage of marijuana non-existent. So, we can conclude from this, that most druggies simply smoke to “prove a point” – that they can do whatever they want.

So, why NOT make marijuana legal, destroy and chance of survival the cartels have, and then when people have stopped caring about marijuana one way or another, you can make it illegal again, and it won’t make a difference. Of course, there’s always the positive of the state making some money off of a business that COST us huge funds before. But whatever floats your boat i suppose.

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2 responses to “Prop 19 – Bringer of Good or Advocate of the Devil?”

  1. Фю says :

    Actually legalizing mary jane in one state will not rid drug cartels.


  2. John1099 says :

    Very nice site!


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