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200 – the movie!

I know, i’m being chessy with the puns again, but i wanted to thank everyone for all there support for this blog! Today, we have hit TWO-HUNDRED hits, which for me, is a very big accomplishment! 😀 So thank you everyone and look forward to the next article ;D

And remember! If you have ANY concerns, comments, suggestions, or anything else, PLEASE feel free to contact me! Thank you!

How it all began…

As i mentioned in my bio, this website/blog was set up to define the “opinions of the new age student”. Of course, i’m not over-generalizing and saying that everyone my age has the same opinion as me. In fact, this site was established as a response to the adults of today who misunderstand the youth of today, either by saying that we don’t work as hard as they did, aren’t as intelligent as their generation, or even that all we do is sit in front of the t.v. all day, not doing anything constructive with our lives. However, it is in my strong opinion that if anything, the youth of today are MORE aware of their world than the youth of yester-year, albeit it in different ways. With different issues and different technologies present in the world today, today’s youth approach problems that may have been handled one way (i.e. petitions against a law by going door-to-door) in ways more appropriate to our time (i.e. facebook-ing or emailing the petition to everyone we know and making it a chain mail). With the utilization of all this technology, although it does require us to “sit on our butts” most of the day, it is by no means unproductive. Why, just yesterday, i received an IM informing me that a child had been kidnapped by a vehicle with the description and license number. Within literal minutes, i received another text informing the kidnapper had been apprehended. This would not have been at all possible if the world did not utilize the technology available at their fingertips. And for all you parents you insist that your children text too much, have you ever considered half of those texts are related to homework assignments, important events (like when to show up to a college orientation) or even these child-abduction texts? “Back in the day”, if you forgot to do your homework, with no cell phones, you would have to call the house phone, but who calls after 9 in an effort to not disturb the rest of the family? Homework = failed.

At any rate, in a side rant about technologies, i meant to say that it is imperative that not only the adults of today understand that kids today aren’t uninformed idiots AND that we DO NOT share your opinions on everything (as opposed to whether the internet is beneficial or not, we know argue which ways the internet is most useful (internet banking versus. online classes)), but that even the youth of today open it mind to new opinions whether they be a republican listening to democratic views or vice versa. For the more informed a person is on the other side of the argument, the more affirmatively they can decide which side they agree with. And of course, this blog will hopefully point out the problems we have today, such as the racism article earlier or the politician article i will be presenting next. Either way, i hope this article effectively conveyed what i hope to gain from this blog, and that you, as the audience will continue to support my efforts! Thank you readers!

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