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Double Tri-Force of Trade

Sooo…this post isn’t really a post. It’s just something i’m ecstatic over being able to finally prove! I’m sure you all know about the Triangle Trade during the 17th and 18th centuries? If not, look it up! 😀 At any rate, what i’m sure no one realized before was that there are 2 triangle trades and the links between them actually make a DOUBLE tri-force!! 😀 Isn’t that exciting?!?! At any rate, in case it’s not self explanatory, here’s an explanation:

Trade went from Europe, to Africa, to the Americas, back to Europe.

North America to South America. Africa to South America and North America directly (these types of routes were actually more commonly used during this era, but less famous due to the fact that they usually did not carry slaves).

Then there’s the UNKNOWN triangle trade that went from Europe to Africa to Asia. Asian goods were actually incredibly popular among African royalty, and thus many Indian and Chinese silks went to Africa, as well as trade between India and China. Then that weird line that seems to go from North-Western China to Africa actually represents the Silk Road, which was still used to cart more delicate materials like porcelain from one continent to another.


Well I hope everyone enjoyed this random post!!! My next post will actually concern why Great Britain is the cause of everything wrong in the world 🙂 Have a great week!

Double Triforce of Trade

Double Triforce of Trade

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